About Us.


About Us.


Creativite is part of PT Paramita Adikreasi. Creativite was formed in 2016 which began as a public education program in the form of art, craf, fashion, interior, photography Until now it has developed into several lines such as Creativite Education, Creativite Gallery, Creativite Studio, Creativite Products, Creativite Production. So that each of these divisions becomes mutually sustainable in carrying out their respective services.

The story started

About us.

Everyone has their own creative sides. Improving creativity only possible when

ones are not hiding themselves from obstacles. Creativite is the perfect ecosystem

to express and explore those creativity. That’s why we are consists of three



  • Creativite Workshop : workshops activities & courses specialized in art, education, craftsmanships. We’re partnering with hundreds of teachers who’re specialized in their fields


  • Creativite Studio : talent pool of artist. We provides art installation, mural, activity concept & artist coordination & curration


  • Creativite Product : We provide custom made souvenirs, merchandises and hampers exclusively as per request.
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